In her own words “After a lengthy career in senior nurse management, cut short prematurely when I suffered a spinal injury resulting in several spinal operations, it became obvious that a change in career was necessary. This was obviously a huge disappointment to me as nursing was not only my vocation but the only career I had ever imagined myself following. I developed an interest in Law when I established my businesses and was delighted to be awarded a First Class Honours Degree and the Dean’s Prize for Personal Achievement at Lincoln University. This motivated me to continue my studies with an opportunity to combine my keen interest in nursing with Law and completed a Master’s Degree in Health Law with a commendation at Nottingham University. Unfortunately working within the legal sector didn’t appeal to me for several reasons and this left me in a dilemma as once again I wanted to work but needed something that would not complicate my health condition. After looking for various training courses, I found a hypnotherapy course that seemed interesting and after a short discussion with Peter, we both decided to subscribe to the course- however I must admit at this point to being highly skeptical!

After only one hour on the course I was intrigued! I realised by combining my previous careers and experiences was quite powerful. I trained very hard throughout the course to ensure that I perfected my techniques and was awarded an ‘outstanding achievement’ certificate. This of course was wonderful recognition for my efforts but in reality it could never match the pure joy of seeing a client’s transformation after their hypnotherapy session. Being a hypnotherapist is rewarding but it does have its sad moments too when you understand what some clients have gone through. We should consider ourselves very lucky that we are healthy, educated and live a fulfilled life.

My advice to anyone who is embarking on a new chapter in their life or a change in their career path is to first ensure deep inside that you are driven and passionate about your goal. Apart from stating the obvious for financial viability and intricate business planning, it is equally important to attend CPD courses to remain competent and effective at what you do. Always be enthusiastic, maintain a professionally high standard and achieve success by working hard, being fully committed and being dedicated. Being empathetic and listening to your client is the wisest words of wisdom I can give – never be time constrained. It is important that you succeed in achieving your goal and your client is delighted with the outcome”.

As you can see, Susan’s dedication to whatever she is doing is reflected in her warmth, empathy and unique ability to inspire people with confidence, motivation and a drive to achieve growth and success. Her determination, enthusiasm and dedication are evident by the outstanding results from her therapy sessions. Susan’s greatest strengths lie in transforming and helping people to be who and what they want to be. While she specialises in the Hypnoband TM weight loss system and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, she has also achieved profound results in IBS, pain control, fears and phobias. Other remarkable repeatable and consistent successes include sport enhancement, along with addiction therapies such as smoking

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