Link2Energy Ltd was set up and  incorporated as a private limited company in July 2000.

As the name implies the initial focus was on energy. Through services to industrial companies and The Carbon Trust we developed carbon management plans and carried out techno-economic analyses of process plant. Some of this involve optimisation of the manufacturing and utility facilities through remote monitoring of process operations.

L2E was invited to head up industrial symbiosis programmes in the Humber region in 2003. With this its range of activity broadened to include the optimization of material resources as well. The team at L2E have made impressive contributions to reduce CO2 emissions and discharges to landfill but, just as importantly, has developed the methodology that lies behind those impressive numbers.

The company has been at the fore-front of developing techniques to analyse and understand complex issues through visual representation in order that the problems may be more easily solved and the engagement with the client enhanced. Key to all this is its excellent personnel.

More recently the company has directed its focus to issues related to the low carbon economy  through not only resource efficiency but more crucially, resource innovation. Its involvement in three bio-refinery development projects, a number of leading universities, and the commissioning of projects that provide practical steps towards a closed loop economy bear testimony to this approach.

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