We are a newly formed group called Friends Of The Brigg & Lincoln lines,our two lines that we look after are the Sheffield Midland – Lincoln via Gainsborough Lea Road and the iconic Sheffield Midland – Cleethorpes via Brigg which sadly due to the BR cuts of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s means the services only run on a Saturday.


Our aim is simple and that is to get bums on seats on the rail services that are provided, we work with Northern Rail and a number of businesses both large and small along with town and parish councils on the route to do this.

The Northern Rail franchise is up 2015/16 and the Department for Transport are reviewing both the passenger traffic on the Lincoln line and the iconic Brigg line as part of this, if we can all work together we can demonstrate that there is a need for a better passenger service and with the Brigg line bring back a 6 day a week service which it lost in 1993, this can be from the simplest of things like updating web pages to let visitors / customers know there is a station there like the Marshall Yard complex have done in Gainsborough.


We mainly come under the umbrella of the Lincolnshire branch of rail futures and there contact details and information can be found in the link below


At present this offer which is called the Duo Ticket offer is only valid from Kirton Lindsey to Cleethorpes on the iconic Saturday Only service provided by Northern Rail, we have been told this will be rolled out in the near future to include the section from Kirton Lindsey to Gainsborough Central/Retford, this will mean the whole of the Cleethorpes – Sheffield Midland via Brigg line will be covered as the Sheffield Midland – Lincoln via Gainsborough Lea Road line is already on the Duo Ticket Offer. Despite the Northern Rail services only running on a Saturday thought Brigg ( Timetable dictated by the Department for Transport since 1993 )

Northern Rail are now quite aware that Brigg station must play a more important part in rail travel in the future, however they are still shocked that their is very little signage for the station around the Brigg area and our group have requested to North Lincolnshire Council that this is rectified a.s.a.p.