The Brigg Town Business Partnership have gone that extra mile again to help the Brigg Line.

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Through Chairwoman Debs Dunderdale and the Business Partnership a batch of new A4 & A5 Visit Brigg posters have been made which promotes coming to Brigg by the train on a Saturday, these along with 2 large banners which are going up at Gainsborough Trinity Northorpe Ground and Retford Station will really put Brigg on the railway map.

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As of Saturday posters had already gone up at Cleethorpes and Station Hill at Gainsborough Central.

The total number of passengers using Brigg Station for the year 2016 was broken on the 7th October, the person who broke the record this year was local lady Kathleen Devai, this means from now until the end of December the station figures are pure gain, as a way of a thank you Kathleen was presented with a bouquet of flowers on Saturday 21st October.


The Brigg Line Blog


 By Nigel Fisher, Freelance Journalist, Editor of the Brigg Blog website and BTBP member

They have completed the surface of the new blue synthetic sports pitch at Brigg Recreation Ground. And very nice it looks, too.

These days, blue is very much the colour of choice for top hockey pitches across the world, making it easier for players, umpires and spectators to follow the track of the ball as it whizzes about at high speed.

It is now the best part of 30 years since Brigg hockey players first began campaigning for a floodlit, synthetic pitch in the town. 

As the game progressed and playing on traditional grass surfaces was phased out, Brigg hockey home games had to be staged on the available synthetic council-run pitches in Scunthorpe and even Lincoln – involving much travel and expense. 

Now, through the provision of the new facility in Brigg – courtesy of North Lincolnshire Council – league hockey can at last return to the town.

We are very much looking forward to spectating at the first game to be played on the new blue pitch – a few months from now – and to seeing inside the wonderful new changing room/pavilion, which is also taking shape at The Rec.

Some of us can remember when changing facilities included a former farmyard stable, garden sheds and a second-hand bowls pavilion whose floor left splinters in the feet of the unwary.

Thankfully, those days are long gone and Brigg will soon have a Recreation Ground of which it can be really proud.

Netball, tennis, hockey, cricket and football will be provided for on synthetic and grass surfaces at The New 21st Century Rec.

The main contractor for the project is G Kelsey Construction which quite often posts progress pictures on Twitter, we’ve noted.

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