The next issue of Brigg Matters, due out in mid-March

Spring 2021 Issue Coming Soon!
The next issue of Brigg Matters, due out in mid-March, is packed with interesting articles…

The Brigg Posada
Read the fascinating story behind the Brigg Posada, as told by O H Boyd, the renowned sculpture and artist.

Never Judge A Book by its Cover
Something for local historians – an in-depth feature by Paul Hildreth about his discovery of two volumes of ‘Principles of Geology’ by Charles Lyell, a Scottish geologist whose aim was to explain former changes of the Earth’s surface by reference to present-day processes (first published between 1830 and 1833).

Josie Webb joins the Brigg Matters Team
Josie Webb has joined the BM team and has submitted a fascinating article in our Spring Issue about her Mother’s experience as a Land Girl during WWII, together with several other snippets from her extensive collection of Brigg Town Memories.

Get Those Boots Out
Walking is good for banishing those locked in blues so look out for our feature on walking around North Lincolnshire with details on how to download guides and maps from Visit North Lincolnshire’s website.
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Brigg Matters Special 2020 Winter Issue


 gb-high-st-2016-email-sig6Brigg Town Business Partnership has entered the town into the Great British High Street competition again this year. This time we are firmly and squarely in the small market town section! We will hear whether Brigg has been shortlisted by mid-October. In the meantime this is our public declaration from the 2016 submission……

“Brigg is a traditional market town on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  A staggering 73% of its retailers are independents. Brigg Town Business Partnership (BTBP) provides them with a strong collective voice, enabling each business to excel within an integrated high street whilst retaining its individual identity, quality customer service and charm.

Our vision is for a sparkling and dynamic market town where businesses and the high street really are enthusiastic partners at the heart of the community.  GBHS finalists in 2015, Brigg aspires to go one better this year.”

Rogue trader prosecuted for conning Haxey couple


An elderly couple from Haxey in North Lincolnshire were conned out of over £7,000 by David Smith from Warwickshire, who was sentenced to two years in prison at Leeds Crown Court on 20 October for this crime and many others.

Mr Smith told the couple aged 83 and 74 that he would carry out works to their garden, which he didn’t. He offered to sell them peat and said he would lay astro turf, but the couple never saw any of these materials and when they questioned Mr Smith he said they were kept elsewhere. He kept asking the couple for more money to complete the gardening work but never did. They paid him a total of £7,366.

Mr Smith has conned numerous people up and down the country out of thousands of pounds, which was investigated through North Yorkshire Council’s Doorstep Crime Project.

North Lincolnshire Council’s Trading Standards team took over the case for the final prosecution element so that all the cases would be heard at the same time.

David Smith pleaded guilty to three charges of Fraud by False Representation.

Sentencing is complete but a further hearing will take place for the Proceeds of Crime (POCA) to penalise Mr Smith financially for all of his criminal activity.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, said:

“This is a very saddening case where a thoughtless man has decieved of an elderly couple and conned them out of money. They put their trust in Mr Smith, and he has taken full advantage of their vulnerability.

“It is totally unacceptable for people to think they can get away with this. Not only has Mr Smith conned this couple in Haxey, but he has taken thousands of pounds from other people across the country without any thought as to how it will affect them. He has knowingly targeted defenceless people for his gain, and I hope he now realises the effects of his actions and is truly remorseful for what he has done.

“I would urge anyone to think twice before you give your money to doorstep ‘tradesmen’. Unless you have contacted someone to come to your house, it is always advised that you politely turn them away. You can then check to see if they are reputable and speak to your family and friends for support. If you feel threatened by any doorstep callers, get in touch with the Police. Don’t take the risk.”

Story Courtesy of Sarah Dauris – Safer Neighbourhoods Officer